ARAH Litepaper

  1. Halal
    The ARAH coin and ARAH app will be designed, regulated, and operated with ‘Sharia compliant’ principles, where all activities, policies, technicalities, and mechanisms of ARAH are based on strict halal standards.
  2. Secure
    Our security expert developers use encryption technology to keep the ARAH app safe from hackers, making it a safe place to store your ARAH coins and carry out various digital activities without any worry.
  3. Seamless
    We focus on the most important things, thus the ARAH is a free and easy-to-use application to manage cryptocurrency at your fingertips.
  • The ARAH coin value will be freely floated.
  • Coins for group discounts on selected halal items.
  • Coins can be used for halal-certified online gaming.
  • Coins can be used for donation, infaq, shodaqoh, and waqf.
  • Coins can be used for giveaways, gifts, and vouchers.
  • Coins can be used for selected insurance policies.
  • Coins can be used for halal-investments, Islamic finance.
  • Coins can be used as collateral for credit loans with approved partners.
  • Coins can be used for any potential merchant partners and specialized investment projects.


Chart of ARAH Tokenomics
  • Plug-n-play (BUILD)
  • Transaction, sharing and exchanging of coins
  • CeFi, DeFi and Insurance
  • Private or public staking platform


Q2 2021 — Listing on Pancake Swap

ARAH Team & Partners

MJM, Making Your Success Our Business, Established since 1991, 1991
MJM Networks
Cake Experiential Communications is an experiential marketing, communications & consulting agency specialized in developing personalized brand experiences that engage audiences with an authentic message through meaningful, relevant & innovative ways.
Cake Experiential Communications
Serikat Nelayan Nahdlatul Ulama
Nahdlatul Ulama

Blue Energy Foundation

Focusing on developing environmentally sustainable initiatives while increasing transparency for stakeholders and maintaining privacy agreements.


ARAH Global aims to comply with Singapore MAS guide for digital tokens and Nahdatul Ulama (Sharia-compliant in-line with the deep ethical values outlined by Islamic traditions).

Important Notes

ARAH coin is not a security. There is no promise of future income. The ownership of the coin only gives owners the rights to exchange for selected goods and services to be determined at a later stage. Owners of ARAH coins are able to sell the tokens in digital exchanges at market prices.


The Purchaser understands that this document governs the sale of ARAH and supersedes any public statements made by any party. Readers of this material confirm to have read and understood the information below. ARAH Global provides this material only as a reference. Nothing in this material should be construed as advice or solicitation. The contents of this material are based upon sources of information believed to be reliable, however, no guarantee, warranty or representation (express or implied) is given as to its accuracy or completeness. Further, the information in this material may be subject to change without notice. Historical results do not necessarily indicate future performance. The terms coin, token, cryptocurrency, digital asset are synonymous.



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