A New Arah Is Coming!

The new Arah SuperApp is coming soon to bring Halal crypto assets and services to Indonesia.

The Arah SuperApp will deliver a variety of Halal crypto assets and digital services to Indonesians within a Halal format. Arah will shortly announce its new branding along with the development plans and roadmap for 2022.

Every aspect of the Arah SuperApp and crypto assets have been designed to align with the Halal principles issued by Majelis Ulama Indonesia. Arah’s crypto assets are structured to deliver utility and value within the Arah ecosystem and are designed to grow in conjunction with Indonesia’s Halal economy.

“We are committed to delivering crypto assets and services to Indonesians in a Halal manner that aligns with the principles outlined by our strategic partners Majelis Ulama Indonesia.” — Pak Adi Bambang Arah CEO/Nahdlatul Ulama Vice-Chairman of Entrepreneur and Professional Nahdlyin (P2N)

Arah has rebranded itself to reflect the upgraded blockchain aspect of its business model. The new branding is appropriate for the blockchain industry while reflecting Islamic design philosophies. Arah will shortly be releasing its new branding to the community.

The Arah SuperApp has completed a new roadmap that outlines the release schedule for its upgraded products and services through 2022 and beyond. The new roadmap is comprehensive and addresses the delivery of both Halal crypto assets and digital services within Indonesia. Arah will be releasing its updated roadmap after the new branding is revealed.

The first version of the Arah Coin was minted on the Waves blockchain in November 2020. Due to the low liquidity and limited functionality of the Waves platform, Arah has decided to remint the Arah Coin. A snapshot was made of all token holders on the 10th of September 2021 and existing holders of Arah Coins will be issued with the new Arah Coin in equal proportion to their previous tokens. The new token will provide holders with greater liquidity and functionality within the Arah SuperApp ecosystem.

Arah will deliver the world’s first Halal SuperApp to communities in Indonesia. The platform will include key services that facilitate a Halal lifestyle in a digital age. The Arah SuperApp team incorporates key personnel from Arah’s strategic partners in the world’s largest Islamic community, Nahdlatul Ulama and Indonesia’s Halal certification board Majelis Ulama Indonesia. Arah will integrate blockchain and crypto assets while delivering communication and multimedia channels that focus on Islamic principles.

The Arah SuperApp will deliver a suite of Halal products and services that includes communications, financial services, crypto assets, blockchain services and gaming. Arah has developed strategic relationships with the world’s largest Islamic community Nahdlatul Ulama which represents over 117 million members and Indonesia’s Halal certification body Majelis Ulama.

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The world’s first Halal Super App.